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Welcome to Lawrenceville Internal Medicine

We are a decidedly different kind of primary care practice. From our inception we have been committed to offering patients an opportunity to be heard and involved with their care. We pride ourselves on taking the extra time needed to truly understand our patients and their concerns. We believe in the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship and hope to restore your belief that high quality medical care is founded in this important relationship. We have united the traditional ideals of practicing medicine to the future of medicine. We were among the first practices to adopt an electronic health record to track your medical history. We utilize an integrated and secure patient portal to enhance communication with our patients. Most importantly, we practice evidence-driven medicine. That is, we base medical decisions on the most current medical literature.

We believe that the marriage between “old-fashioned” values and modern medical decision-making defines who we are as practitioners. We sincerely hope you give us an opportunity to provide your primary care.

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